Waggs Bed & Breakfast and Home Visit Service is an alternative to boarding kennels.


If you’re anything like me, and have an incredible connection with your pets, you want the best care for them if you need to leave them for work, holidays or other occasions. At Waggs your pets will be cared for like one of the family or visited at your home to attend to their needs.

We know everyone needs to get away every now and then, so we thought it was about time dogs and other pets had an alternative holiday to the standard kennels.

Our home boarding establishment is a registered business and has the required council permits. Dogs can live within the home subject to a 24 hour trial period. The majority of dogs I care for are indoor dogs that love to be in human company and lie about the house where they choose.

It’s really important to get to know you and your pets prior to care being provided. It is recommended that a meet and greet occur prior to your pets stay, to ensure all pets within my home are compatible. You can tell us all about your day-to-day routines for feeding and exercising so we can replicate this for your pets. We’ll chat about likes and dislikes and any healthcare requirements.

Waggs Bed & Breakfast has a COVID Safe Work Plan adhering to current COVID Safe Protocols